An Open Letter to Comcast / Xfinity

I HAD to share this one. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I wrote this myself. The only thing I would add to it is, Comcast obviously has a bunch of mentally challenged people working for them because they can NEVER get anything right! Never. I have to call Comcast/Xfinity at LEAST once every month. Usually because they’ve changed my service or there is some kind of extra charge on my bill. RARELY is my bill the same amount as it was the month before.  But anyways… other than that, this is basically my exact experience with Comcast.  If I can ever find a good option for internet service only, I will drop Comcast in a HEARTBEAT! 

An Open Letter to Comcast / Xfinity.


Please help Brutus!

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I never knew it was possible to love an animal so much, until I got Brutus. I watched him be born. We’ve basically been together since day one. He’ll be 10 on November 23, 2014.

We’ve moved across the country together. He’s my best friend. He’s like a child to me, especially after I found out a few years ago that I’ll probably never have children. Brutus has been there with me and for me through all of the ups and downs. When my sister passed away, the love of Brutus and my husbands support are the only things that got me through it.

You can imagine my terror when we were awoken in the wee hours of the morning to Brutus having a terrible seizure. He’s never had any health problems. This was terrifying. Then, a few nights ago it happened again. We don’t know if there have been other seizures before this, that we weren’t home for. Now I can’t even bring myself to leave him alone, for fear of another seizure.

If you’ve ever seen anyone, human or animal, have a seizure then you know how terrifying it is, and how helpless you feel.

We took him to the vet, of course. We’ve had every test they could do there. He had a complete physical. Urine and fecal analysis. Full panel blood test. Thyroid test. Checked his prostate, his anus, ears, eyes… everything they could do. Even a heartworm test. All the tests have come back clean and negative. So, while that is good. It also does not give us any answers as to why, at 9 years old, our otherwise very healthy senior dog started having seizures.

The only option we have left is to take him to have Xrays and an MRI. These are very costly tests. The MRI alone is over $3,ooo. Not to mention medication and/or treatment he may need.

I vow to give any remaining donations that exceed his vet bills to a local rescue or the ASPCA.

Please help us! Every dollar and every donation helps. We have to find out what’s wrong with Brutus. I am so scared for him, and I am NOT ready to lose my baby yet. So please, I hope you can find it in your heart to help us. Until we have enough money for these additional tests, we won’t know whats wrong with him. Or if it can kill him, or if he’ll have another seizure.

Please give any amount you can.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. ❤

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30 Things to NOT do to yourself!

So I just ran across this little article and I felt like everyone needs to read it.

And here are two more that are similar but also still definitely worth a read.

Are you a Gen-x, a Millennial, or somewhere in between?

I was born in 1983. I am right on the cusp. Am from Generation X or am I a Millennial? Well, it seems I am somewhere in between.

I found this post on Buzzfeed that was pretty awesome.  And quite accurate. Also, there is a little part about You Can’t Do That on Television… my husband and I were just talking about that show the other day… I loved it! 

I just recently saw this youtube video that was quite funny too. 

I miss the days when MTV actually played music videos… good ones. 


All in all though, I feel lucky to have grown up in the time I did and to have all the technological advances, etc. The main thing people need to remember is to have respect for people from other generations that grew up differently than you did. Whether an older generation or a younger one. Our past and our future. Be kind and understanding, and always strive to do the best you can do. 

Here is a nice, informative article about all the different generations. Go read it. Learn something you may not have known.
What generation are you from? How do you feel about it? Let me know in the comments!