Everyone in a relationship should read this!

I just ran across this article. It is wonderful. It is great advice for men and woman in relationships. Read it. Take it to heart. Apply it to your relationship.



And my own little tid-bit of advice….  If it’s not the best thing that’s ever happened to you, it’s not worth it.

30 Things to NOT do to yourself!

So I just ran across this little article and I felt like everyone needs to read it.


And here are two more that are similar but also still definitely worth a read.



“Sweet Spring”

sweet spring nails

“Sweet Spring”

A rainbow of pastels with glitter and polka dots. A cupcake accent nail with a rhinestone cherry.

(I did the same pattern on my right hand, except I did it backwards so that the cupcake is on my index finger.)

March, 2014
LiLi’s Nail Designs ™